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Confessions of a Married Woman - Part 2

"Today you are going to tell me where you put my child!" He screams as he drags me by my head.

We had just been to the doctor after our horrible fight last night which led to my miscarriage.

When he saw me bleeding he carried me and placed me in his car. On our way to the hospital he said that I better pray that nothing happened to his child otherwise I was a dead woman.

Dead woman indeed I was dead already.

Not that I was not hurt by the lose of my unborn child conceived by rape but deep inside of my heart I did not want to raise up my child like this.

He thinks I did it, he thinks I killed our child. How could I have done it when he was the one who started punching me after I simply asked him ,"Where he had been for the past week?"

"Haunditonge pamusha pangu," was his response before he started removing his belt to punish me for asking him about his whereabouts.

It had been days since he locked me inside the house with no food or water. He had left without saying a word. I had no way of even asking for help. He took away my phone. He took away my freedom and still to him I was the villain. I had no right to ask him where he had been.

I had no right to question his authority.

Banging my body against the wall he slaps and drags me all over the house as my blood paints the full picture of my life. He calls me names, curses and swears that I bring back the child I have killed.

"Nhasi uchamuzvara mwana iyeye. Muroyi! Kuuraya mwana wangu manje ndomuda mwana iyeye!" He shouts as he pushes me unto the bed and starts removing his clothes.

In this moment everything goes lights out for me. Must be from the wounds or the pain I cannot feel myself neither can I hear my own heart beat. He leaves after he is satisfied that he has left a seed inside of me.

He locks the bedroom door. Even as dead as I am I hear his car tyres screeching meaning he has left the house. I try to move in pain, I try to cry but there are no more tears left . My voice is gone and so is my soul. I stop struggling to move because even if I want to my whole body is numb.

Hours later still in pain I try to open my eyes but there are swollen. I try to move my hands but I can't. Slowly I move from the bed and at the corner of my eye I see his phone laying on the ground.

He must have left it, he must have forgot about it.

I quickly take it, I say a silent prayer as I quickly sent a text message to the emergency police number I had seen whilst I was at the hospital.

I fall on the ground and pray that someone helps me before I die.

This series is dedicated to all the victims of gender based violence. This is my own way of advocating against GBV against all women, children and girls.

Ciao Shashie 263!

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