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Sungura Museve - A Breath of fresh air.

CHITUNGWIZA-BORN rapper Shingirai “Tanto Wavie” Makaza is a new hip-hop sensation. His new Album Sungura Museve is a masterpiece, a fusion of trap/hip-hop and sungura.

The album is making waves on different digital platforms such as YouTube, SoundCloud, and Audiomack. Tanto Waive has managed to create a new genre with a unique sound and his new album Sungura Museve is an indication of great things to come in the future.

Tanto Wavie started music in 2010 whilst he was still in school. As a music lover, I listen to all sorts of music and I remember when Tanto Waive started his music career in 2010, he started as a Zim-dancehall musician. The switchover from Zim-dancehall to Trap-su (Trap + Sungura) was genius.

Zimbabwean music is mainly dominated by Zim-dancehall and 2021 has been a monumental year for a lot of Zim-dancehall artists as most artists released outstanding albums. Music is dynamic, it evolves all the time and Tanto Waive’s music will surely go beyond the borders as he will cement his name among the Zim greats.

Sungura Museve is definitely a contender for Album of the year 2021.

Big statement, right?

The creativity, the fusion of beats, the catchy flows, the sincerity and pure niceness in Tanto Waive’s voice can only be a producer’s paradise.

If you haven’t listened to this album yet please jump on any digital platform and sample the album for yourself. My favourite songs on the album are 007, Sungura Museve, Usaperere Pavanhu, Dzinga Munyama and Insecurities.


· Intro

· Sungura Museve

· Mudhipisi

· 007

· Usaperere Pavanhu

· Dzinga Munyama

· Mabhachi (feat. Denimwoods)

· Insecurities

· Mhiripiri Sauce

· Zvese

· Heart Yangu

· Zvichaenda Nepi

· Takura

· Outro

As a big fan of Mr Chitungwiza, the track Insecurities brings in nuggets of guitars, snares, kicks and that iconic keyboard key from John Chibadura. Listen to Insecurities and then go listen to Mudiwa Jeneti by John Chibadura. Thank you Tanto Waive for paying homage to Zimbabwe’s best artist of all time.

In previous interviews Tanto Waive said he was not into “bubblegum” music and promised his fans creativity they would enjoy for a long time.

Tanto Waive is proof that hardwork and perseverance pays

Album Name: Sungura Museve

Artist: Tanto Waive

Release Year: 2021

Press Play Rating: 5 star

We have a new King in Town.

His name is Tanto Waive

Ndini Ndadaro - I’m Out

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