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Welcome to PPMTV - Press Play Media TV

We have been busy working behind the scenes. We know it has been a long wait but trust us when we say it will be worth your while.


We have signed 20 upcoming Artists from different genres. Every artist offers a different dimension and our aim is to help mould these talents into becoming well recognised international Artists.

We will be revealing their names shortly and we will also provide you with their social media handles so that you can follow their journey with us.

Please support them and always provide constructive criticism.


We pride ourselves on doing things differently.

We have a lot of shows, documentaries, reality shows and comedy tours to come. We aim to broadcast a balanced diet of content based on different day to day issues as well as general entertainment.

We will connect you with your favourite Celebrities and Socialites and we will also do deep into the villages and remote areas to bring you new exciting content.

We will introduce each show separately however we will be launching the following shows to start with:

- Cypher

- Get Closer To God

- The Basement

- Lets Talk Mental Health

- Spotlight

We have a lot of exciting content to come out and we do not want to spoil it by revealing everything now.

Remember .. Stay Tuned

Press It .. Play It

Play Play Media

Influence and Inspire

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