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Patricia Putsai - The Nation's Sweetheart

Anyone who followed the Tunga Series on ZBC knew how captivating it was, the characters were so real in their own way. We all fell in love with them, became huge fans and when they disappeared, we became a bit inconsolable.

Will Tunga ever return, was the question on the Nations lips..

Such would be the case for Patricia Putsai whose role as "Chiedza" was my favourite characters in the series.

It was from the way she was shy around Tunga and how natural she was portraying that character. Meeting her later in person a few months later I was to find out she was unlike her character on, "Tunga” at least that's my opinion.

We would then meet later at an audition I knew there was something conversant about her but I couldn't pin point it. One of the guys we were auditioning with asked her out loud if she has been "Chiedza" on Tunga as he believed they looked very similar.

I looked at them, she beamed and nodded her head.

In my head I couldn't believe it.

Fast forward to that we would start to call her, "Tunga girl" well at least I said it once or twice but it was the nick name that stuck for a couple months.

Enlisted as part of Jasen Mpepho Little Theatre Project as part of its very first theatre practitioners we would share the same stage for the first time on the 8th of May 2019 as part of the cast of "Inside out". I remember the pressure of getting characters and memorizing lines and the fear of performing for a live audience for the first time.

However, I recollect how cool she was about it, taking up a huge character in the play just three days before the show and her pulling it off. I knew she was really talented and also didn't give up easily…something special.

Honestly she would prove it again so many times later in these other plays, 'The storm', 'Bleeding Wounds' , " Two wives of John Mambo", to mention a few.

Patricia nailed every character she had and she also encouraged me in my theatre journey. Unlike her, I had a really rough start and I have to give her credit as well as the entire theatre team, Ngoni Chikore, Heather Mlingo Jeke, Caroline Magenga, Nobert Makoche, Kudzai Chengedza, Mwenje Mathole, and Ronald Sigeca… we all seemed to complement each other

I remained a fan of her work and when she appeared on Babamunini Nijo series it was hard to make people believe me when I told them that I knew her. The series was so popular and frankly, I don't blame them.

Ironically, she would become the very first guest I would interview on my show with Press Play Media Tv - The Basement.

We would go back in time, talk about her new field, celebrity crush and our experiences in the industry so far as young black actresses. The interview was fun and it was a great time to catch up

So what did I take from the interview?

Well, Patricia encouraged me to continue with the show. She made me realize how important it was to support one another.

I mean if we don't support each other who will?



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