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Sneak Peak with Shashie 263

Who else has got 09 July jotted down in their diary?

Jah Prayzah's album is one of the most anticipated albums of the year. He is a mastermind and we can only expect nothing but good music from that album. It won't be surprising that one or two songs of the albums have already leaked and to what we have already heard it sounds superb.

From the great streets of music, we are vibing to the song. Knowing Jah Prayzah, there will be videos to follow up with the album release which is rumoured to be happening in the UK. So far the songs Svovi and Tauchira have been setting up the momentum it feels like the water is only getting hotter and we are reaching a boiling point.

Speaking of which, allow me to acknowledge new music from Poptain and Anita Jaxson. First with the collaboration, the song is an amazing collaboration.

The lyrics, the sound quality, the timing of it all is good because they released the song just when they have both just released singles. Kuddos to management they won't allow to forget them even for a second. I love the hook and it seems like more and more artists are taking things back to their roots and making their music as unique as possible by fusing Zimbabwean elements.

We are waiting upon the video. 'High on his love', a newly released single by Anita is also a good song to add to your playlist. 'Before' by Poptain is trending on the charts. He keeps getting better and better even the sky is not the limit for him.

'Kuhope' by Fusion 5 mangwiro featuring the sensational Mwenje Mathole is still number 1 on the radio charts even after weeks after being officially released.

A new song to also look out for is "Asi chii nhai" by Mc Hudson. Released a few days ago, the song is on fire!!! Do check it out, I feel like some of my ladies are going to totally hate the song but we could actually use some advice on it. I am just saying.

Then word on the streets has it Roki has a new song. We are waiting for it fingers crossed.



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