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The Biological Clock

Tick tock, tick tock, time is moving as it flies away, reminding some of us of our impending marriages and children. Don't get me wrong the institution of marriage, family and all that comes with it is beautiful but somehow it feels kind of forced.

Growing up I never really saw myself as a typical housewife I somehow envisioned myself as a highly independent young woman who is a boss in whatever field I would pursue. I also somehow felt that I really had a different opinion over a lot of things concerning life because when it came to issues of sexuality, love, dating, careers and marriage not everyone shares my sentiments. Which is perfectly okay actually we are all entitled to our opinions.

It seems whenever I express myself over any certain matter, I somehow manage to raise a lot eyebrow. Just the other day I mentioned how I did not want to have a white wedding if I was ever to get married and a colleague of mine was surprised. She was quick to assume that I was afraid of marriage.

What made her think like that?

To me I did not feel any attachments with "white weddings" all I want is a simple traditional ceremony aligned to my roots.

Back to the biological clock, a couple of weeks ago a close family relative of mine sent an emergency text just days before my 23rd birthday. I ran to her house like a mad dog wondering who had died because she never just sends a "we need to talk" text.

Getting there the entire conversation was about me getting married and how she felt I was now too old. In her own words some of my peers already had children. She went as far as telling me that even my uncle daughters (younger than me) had been married and as the oldest girl in the family I had to set an example. An example? Like what? This really got me thinking …

Does me getting married means I suddenly become a role model?

What about my independence and my career? Was that not enough to motivate them into wanting to stand on their own feet?

I never asked her, I knew she would not understand. She was raised differently and it’s something I accepted. I simply responded to her qualms and told her that marriage was not in my short-term goals. It was not something I felt I needed to do immediately.

Well, you certainly don't want to know what her reaction was.

Fast forward to that I began to wonder how many young women were going through this?

How was their mental state?

Did they have anyone to talk to?

Did they have people who would listen and not judge them for their choices?

Let me keep wondering ….



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