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Top 4 Places To Get Value For Your Money Without Stretching Your Wallet

If you are a foodie or penny-pincher like myself then you know when it comes to eating out, beauty and relaxing then you need to shop around and get the best deal.

There are not a lot of places in Harare where you can get value for your money whether it's a $3 meal or a simple cup of tea

"KuHarare hakurware", very common saying by the way which is very true. They should actually just call it the city of hustlers because everyone has something going on for them.

Whether it’s selling shoes, second hand clothes, cars or the latest phones - everyone has a second hustle.

Here are my Top 4

1 - Lagunas Chilli Nyama (Authentic African Cuisine)

If you are someone who is big on taste and like places that are not crowded then Lagunas is the place to be. Lagunas is a culinary journey into the depth, richness, vibrancy and diversity of Zimbabwe. The restaurant is a hidden gem next to RGM International Airport. Their meals range from $3 to $5 per person depending on what meals you choose. You can get a meal combo for a mere $7 including drinks.

Lagunas are committed to serving classic Zimbabwean dishes as well as forward-thinking platters with an emphasis on using high quality marinated meats. The offer platters for couples, small families and large groups. My personal favourite is their Pork Chops - if you ever take a trip to Lagunas, please make sure you try their Pork Chop Meal.

Lagunas reflects a restaurant on a journey, creativity and imagination, inspired by the traditions, art and culture of Zimbabwe.

This place made me fall in love with Pork Chops & spices.

2 - Haka Game Park

Situated 12km away from the CBD near Cleveland Dam it's one of the coolest places to visit for some quality time with your friends, family or for that surprise "date" you have been meaning to plan for bae. With a small entrance fee of just $8usd per person with a small entrance fee of just $8 per person and $4 for children there are a lot of activities covered by the entrance fee. These include fishing, game viewing and braai.

You are allowed to bring your own booze, enjoy the cool breeze and get to see a lot of animals. So next time you are itching for something serene and budget friendly that's the place to go.

Just carry your cooler box and you are good to go.

Healthy comfort food.

3 - Yanaya Foods

With one of the main branches right in the heart of the CBD at Joina City Mall this food outlet is one of the best in the country. Serving affordable budget and diet conscious food. They have everything for everyone. Their prizes range from as little as a $1 to $5 the most. Their smoothies are out of this world with my personal favourite being Mango Madness for just $3.

One good thing I love about Yanaya is the customer service. You are treated like a king. Healthy comfort foods with vegan choices, smoothies, popsicles, bowls, pancakes, salads, wraps, breakfast meals and so much more.

Sounds like you right? Oh yeah and guess what you can also order online and have your healthy goods delivered to you in the comfort of your home, office, shop or wherever you want because they have you covered

Get your perfect lashes

4 - Lash Bar

All my beautiful ladies who love treating themselves to a nice spa day or an affordable manicure or pedicure well The Lash Bar is the right place to go.

With affordable rates ranging from as little as $10 you can book in advance for your lash extensions or your manicure. Their staff are really friendly and they have the best products for any skin type even their makeup range. Believe me I had my makeup done there and what can I say they did an amazing job.

Situated just 10 mins away from the CBD (Eastlea) If you want a massage, lash extensions, eye brows, makeup and an affordable spa day I recommend you pay them a visit.

What are your top 4 value for money spots?

Let's discuss...


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